Clinic Safety Policy

We desire to offer the highest quality care for our patients in a safe environment. We are unable to service uncooperative animals without proper restraint, as deemed appropriate by our doctor.

Owners Participation In Keeping Pets and Staff Safe During Visits:

  1. Bring the animals into the hospital in a controlled manner. Those animals should be able to be worked with without undo danger to the staff.
  2. Owners, watch this short video to help protect your pet during their visit: https://youtu.be/u7EdInpqAjQ?si=GePBRGg5aUDn-5R3
  3. Potentially aggressive, nervous, or frightened will be dogs muzzled by the owners. Note: Pets that hide under chairs are considered nervous and/or frightened.
  4. The owners are required to place the animals on the exam table. This is the help calm the pet and reassure them that they are safe.
  5. If the owner is unable to get a muzzle on the pet, they will need to bring someone with them who can get a muzzle on the pet.
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