Dog/Puppy Wellness Plans

*Wellness plans must be set up PRIOR to the day of service. We are unable to complete all paperwork and set up a wellness plan on the day of service.

Our LOVE YOUR PET Dog WellPlans make it easy for you to keep up with your dog’s changing healthcare needs by including all the necessary wellness care in one affordable plan that saves you money. When we say, “We treat your pet just like our own,” we mean it- right down to preventative care.

Love Your Pet Dog Basic WellPlan

$ 53.00

per month

3 Wellness Exams
Canine Vaccination Series – Rabies, Distemper & Parvo, Bordetella
Unlimited Toe Nail Trims
Up to 2 Intestinal Parasite Screens
Annual Heartworm Test
Comprehensive Diagnostic Screenings – Organ Function Screen, Blood Chemistry Screen, Thyroid Function Screen, and Urinalysis
Full year of Preventative. Preventative Brand will be at the discretion of the hospital.
Upgrade Option: Dental Procedure

$ 54.00

per month

Preoperative Bloodwork
Comprehensive Oral Health Chart
Assessment & Dental Cleaning
Dental Radiographs
Dental Chart With Recommendations, if needed
Upgrade Option: Spay and Neuter

$ 23.00

per month

Preoperative Bloodwork
Electro Surgical Assisted Surgical Procedure
Dogs 7 Years and Older – $28 per month

Upgrades can be added to Love Your Pet WellPlan only. Upgrades are not sold separately.

15% is applied to all procedures as follows:

  1. Requiring the “Surgical OR Mini Protocol Pak”
  2. Radiographs
  3. Boarding and
  4. NO Boarding Holiday Fee

View Wellness Plan Terms & Conditions

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