Prescription Policy

Effective Jan. 1, 2020

Due to the growing number of online pharmacies and requirements to approve/deny prescriptions,
our clinic is solely working with the following online pharmacies:

If you would prefer to use ANY OTHER online Pharmacy, you will be responsible for mailing or faxing the prescription to the online pharmacy of your choice or making a request for a prescription within the time frame that allows for you to receive the medication in a timely manner.

HCO is happy to provide written prescriptions to our clients. Clients have (3) methods to obtain written prescriptions:

  1. Mail

    1. The Clinic is happy to mail a script to clients address we have on record. Or the client may provide an alternate address to be used.
    2. Written prescription request will be complete within 72 hours to be written and mailed.
  2. Email

    1. The Clinic is happy to email a script to clients email we have on record. Or the client may provide an alternate email to be used.
    2. Email prescription request will be emailed within hours 24-48 hours.
  3. In Clinic Pick-Up

    1. Pick-up prescriptions require a 24-hour notice.
    2. All requests for prescription pick-up will be completed with in 24 hours of request.

Thank you in advance for understanding and cooperation

HCO Business OfficeM

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